Falls are a significant issue for older Americans. The CDC's recent research on falls has highlighted this problem. According to their findings, one in four Americans over the age of 65 will fall each year. This number is extremely significant now, but in the near future, this percentage of the population to suffer a fall annually will only grow. Roughly 10,000 Americans turn 65 each day; this increase will lead to a correlated increase in falls.

There are many options available to help prevent and respond to falls around the home.
Many prevention strategies may require expensive and time-consuming home blue and green bed and lamp
modifications. There are also many low-cost, high benefit fall prevention strategies available that you or your loved one can initiate today. One example is you or helping your loved one clean up clutter, loose rugs, loose cords, or anything on the floor that could cause an accident. Keeping the clutter and slippery surfaces in check reduce the likelihood of one losing their footing. Clearing the floors is of particular importance in one's bedroom and on the way to the bathroom. Rising in the middle of the night can be a routine and aggravating need, but it does not need to be a dangerous one.

SMS-11 Smart outletThe Smart Caregiver Smart Outlet provides automatic lighting when needed. The Smart Outlet also offers peace of mind to their caregiver with wireless remote monitoring. Plug in any lamp or light source into the Smart Outlet and never think twice about leaving the bed or chair late at night. The programmed cordless sensor is activated when weight is placed onto the sensor pad. Then a wireless signal is sent to the Smart Outlet when that pressure is removed (vice versa for the cordless floor mats).

With the light turned on, the half-asleep trip to the bathroom is now exponentially safer. The automatic light can help the resident remember to put on their glasses, and it also may assist them to wake up just a little bit more and prepare for their walk. If the resident is just re-positioning themselves in their bed, the socket and sensor will be reset once pressure is reapplied to the cordless pad. 

smart caregiver smart outlet bed pad

In many instances, patients will awake in the middle of the night and feel that they do not wish to wake their caregiver for assistance using the bathroom. For this need, the Smart Outlet can also be programmed to send a wireless alert to a monitor. Placing the monitor outside of the resident's room gives the caregiver notice when the resident has exited their bed and preventing any further danger. The Smart Outlet is available in a special system which includes a cordless sensor pad and a programmed wireless remote monitor, Smart Outlet with Cordless Sensor Pad & Remote Monitor System. The Smart Outlet can also be programmed for use with the 433-CMU central monitoring system as well. Once the caregiver has responded the patient, the system can be reset and ready.

The Smart Outlet relies on your lamp or light source so that the only future costs would be additional light bulbs. It is a very easy-to-use and affordable solution to help a severe and growing problem. Even with extra light there still may be the danger of one losing their balance. But we hope that the Smart Outlet technology used in conjunction with an overall fall prevention strategy will help keep you or your loved one safe and independent for years to come.

Smart Caregiver has many other sensors and monitoring devices that can be compiled and customized to the needs of you and your loved one. Smart Caregiver's suite of active and passive alert systems can meet your home or small facilities needs at an affordable price and non-permanament design. 

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