Falls are not a necessary part of aging. There are easy steps, tips, and products that can help older adults avoid these all too common accidents. Although many of us, if not all of us, have or suffered a fall or have a loved suffer a fall. The CDC’s data highlights the scale and severity of this national problem. The CDC’s study found that every second of every day an older adult will fall. They discovered that of those who had fallen, 27,000 seniors would die. 27,000 deadly falls over a year mean one death every 20 minutes.

We hope that LiveOakMed’s resources and experienced aging in place professionals can help you or your loved one prevent these falls around the home. Besides the bedroom, one may find themselves spending a majority of their time in their living room. Our partner, Mangar International, has just introduced a new system to improve the security and safety in the living room. 

The Mangar Raiser Lifting Cushion is a new companion system to their patient, bathroom, and bedroom lifting systems. Applying their innovative, battery powered, pneumatic technology to the living room and beyond.

Mangar raiser lifting cushionThe Mangar Raiser Lifting Cushion is designed to give an extra boost standing up from chair and support while sitting back down. Controlled by a simple 2 button, up/down, remote control.

The lifting cushion can be placed out of sight beneath any seat cushion or throw. Remaining deflated and ready for use when it is needed next. No expensive alterations, stiff plastic, or expensive lifting recliner necessary. This easy to use lifting system provides increased safety without having to sacrifice comfort or your favorite living room chair. This versatile system can even be used to help get into and out of a wheelchair, a car, or even a bed. 

Here are a few more tips to help keep your living room fall free:

- Watch The Rugs
Remove any unsecured rugs or mats. The raised edge of an unsecured rug is far too easy to catch a toe. For your favorite rugs, quickly secure them with double-sided tape or heavy furniture.

- Control Cords
Any unsecured cord is a tripping danger. These power cords or phone lines must be strapped or taped down. Also, there are a variety of wire controllers available to help.

- Organize the Stuff
Make sure that walking lanes are free from things. Remove any piles of DVDs, magazines, books, from the floor. If possible keep as much as possible off of the floor and especially away from these lanes.

- Put Shoes Away
It is very tempting to toss off your shoes right after nestling into the couch. But, avoid an easy to overlook and dangerous tripping hazard by keeping your shoes by the door or in a closet.

- Proper Lighting
Keep the living space, walkways, the whole room in general very well lit. Little, lamplight, can be very relaxing for watching movies and reading, the shadows can hide tripping hazards. Seek the highest watt, frosted light bulb that your lamp or socket will support.

- Improve Your Seats
Use a Mangar Raiser Lifting Cushion to stand and sit safely at the push of a button. Reduce the chance of losing your balance. Stand up confidently and securely.

We hope that this and our other Fall Prevention resources will help reduce the chance of falling around the home. Being aware of this widespread problem and making a few small adjustments can make an enormous difference.

Staying safe and free from falls has been found to increase mobility, independence, and satisfaction of life. We hope that the Mangar Raiser Lifting Cushion can be a key component in keeping you and your loved ones safe, happy, and independent.

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