Fall Monitors are designed to alert caregivers when an at-risk individual needs help – so you can reach the patient before they suffer a fall.

There are 3 different monitors available to help reduce the likelihood of the resident suffering a fall: Corded, Cord Free, and Pull-String. Each of the three diffrent types monitor the individual in a different method, contact us today to see which monitor and alarm is best for you. 

Corded Fall Monitors:

• These standard Fall Monitors are designed for use with our Corded Weight-Sensing Bed, Chair Pads, and Floor Mats.

• Simply plug the sensor pad or mat into the fall alarm and place beneath an at-risk individual.

• When they start to get up and lift pressure from the connected sensor device, an alert is triggered and an alarm will visually and audibly notify caregivers that help is needed. 

Corded Fall Monitors Models:

Basic Bed & Chair Exit Alarm – TL-2100B  
The most affordable exit alarm on the market
Fully functional with a chair or bed pad and foor mat. 




Economy Bed & Chair Exit Alarm Monitor with On-Off switch – TL-2100E 
Works great with floor mats and seat belts.
The On/Off switch allows the caregiver to deactivate the alert when moving the patient or changing linens.

Safety Auto-Reset Monitor – TL-2100S

Easy-to-use monitor that automatically resets when weight is re-applied. 
Tamperproof technology ensures that the caregiver is the only one who can reset the alert. 

Change Pad Indicator & Exit Monitor - TL-2100CP 
No more writing dates on the pads, stay F-tag compliant. 
The monitor will alert caregivers when the pad's life is up.

Recordable Voice Pull-String and Sensor Pad Monitor -TL-3100V
Can work both as a pull string monitor or sensor pad monitor. 
Record personalized alarms for patients to hear a melody or a familiar voice instead of a frightening alarm sound.

Exit Monitor & Caregiver Paging - TL-2016R 
Flexible wireless monitor that talks to wireless pagers, central monitors, and remote caregiver devices.
Increasing caregiver's freedom to tend to other patients, chores, or to relax. 


Cord Free Fall Monitors:

Cord Free Fall Monitors are compatible with CordLess Weight-Sensing Bed, Chair Pads & Floor Mats.

Sensor pads or mats are placed under the at-risk individual and when they start to stand up, a wireless alert is sent to the fall monitor notifying caregivers.

Emilinate in-room alarm noise. Cord Free Fall Monitor's wireless design allow you to place the alarm outside of the patient’s room. 

Cord Free Fall Monitors:

Cordless Bed or Chair Exit Alarm Monitor TL-2100G 
No more in noise room. Use the quiet fall monitor where you need it!
The monitors can be mounted up to 30 feet away from the bed pad, chair pad, or floor mat. 

Economy Cordless 6 Channel Alarm Monitor 433-EC
A versatile wireless monitor that talks to pagers and other remote caregiver devices.
Cord-free monitoring with a range up to 300 feet, can support 6 different monitoring devices. 


Pull-String Monitors:

• Pull-String Monitors are designed for use with the included pull cord and garment clip.

• Simply attach the garment clip to an at-risk individual’s clothing and when they rise to get up, the pull-string will be pulled free of the monitor triggering an alert to notify caregivers that assistance is required.

• Pull-String monitors are ideal for chair exit monitoring and are an effective alternative to pressure pad systems.

Pull String Monitors:

Unbreakable Pull String Monitor TL-2000 
Unbreakable pull string monitor with a lifetime warranty. 
Magnetic alarm resets when the string is reconnected. 

Dual Purpose Recordable Voice Pull-String Monitor L-3100V 
When activated will play a melody or familiar voice instead of a frightening alarm sound.
Also can monitor a chair pad, bed pads, of floor mat.  

Non-magnetic pull string monitor with separation switch TL-01.
Non-magnetic design makes this pul string monitor pace maker safe.

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