The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift now has a new, optional safety belt package available. The chest and waist belt secure the user to the system's back support. For more details and to see the belts in action watch our video below. This safety belt package and the HFL's differing motor strength offers a new level of customization.

We know firsthand from our clients the power of a safe, independent floor lift. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about getting started with the IndeeLift HFL and safe patient lifting.

We have been providing the HFL since it was introduced and we haven't found a more versatile, dependable and straightforward floor lift on the market. 

IndeeLift Human Floor Lift Front Side Back


Safety Belts

The waist and chest belts offer the user an extra level of security before, during, and after a floor lift.

Similar to a car's seatbelt, buckling up provides additional confidence for user's with limited upper or lower body strength. Especially for those who have trouble moving their legs. This can often be a challenge as the seat rises, bending one's legs and repositioning themselves in the seat can be a challenge. The safety belts ensure that they will remain seated and upright throughout the lift. 

Watch the HFL and its safety belts in action below: 


Fall Prevention

Overcoming a fear of future falls is essential for fall prevention. Eliminating the worry associated with having a loved one, neighbor, or first responder helping you get back on your feet will help you live independently with confidence. The fall itself may be insignificant but having a fire truck or ambulance arrive at your home to help you get back on your feet is far from insignificant. This is also the case if you must call a loved one or neighbor for assistance, especially in the middle of the night.

Either situation will often lead to one avoiding activity and making changes to their lifestyle in hopes of reducing the chance of falling. But, unfortunately, this cycle will only result in decreased mobility and increase the likelihood of falling again. 


Fall prevention cycle

Intervening after a recent fall with a solid fall prevention plan is the best method to prevent future falls. This new fall prevention plan may incorporate adjusting your prescriptions, new balance based workout classes (tai-chi, yoga, etc.) or adjustments to your home's layout. But, a foolproof method for overcoming this fear is to have a guaranteed lift off the ground when you need it.

The IndeeLift HFL is simple to maintain and operate. Following a full charge, its battery will retain 85% of its charge over 6 months. This means that once charged, the HFL is ready when you need it. Turning a minor fall into a minor inconvenience. You can get back up on your feet in minutes and not hours, day or night. 

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I need 24 inches floor to seat to independently rise from a chair. Do you make such a model?

KEvin Darby

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