Caring for a loved one can be exceptionally challenging and often overwhelming. Daily frustrations, mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion, and the caregiver neglecting their well-being can quickly evolve into caregiver burnout. Caregiver burnout is dangerous to both the caregiver's long-term well-being but also the individual receiving care. If the caregiver is unwell, exhausted, or feeling hopeless, they will find it much harder to be present. Caregiver burnout is, unfortunately, all too common.

With America's 43 million family caregivers only expected to increase AARP decided to develop tools to help. One of the many ways to overcome burnout and become the best caregiver you can be is with the AARP's new smartphone application Caregivers in the Community (CINC) and their online hub Care Connection

CINC Caregiving Application in useCaregivers in the Community is AARP's new smartphone application that connects caregivers. Many times caregivers can feel isolated and frustrated. CINC hopes to help fix that with an easy to use application. 

After providing CINC a brief description of you and your caregiving role, CINC will connect you with other caregivers in similar situations. The application then will give you the option to connect with these other caregivers via phone, in-app messages, video or chat.

This communication lets you share your experiences, tips, and just being social with other like-minded caregivers.

Only the personal information marked with a "public icon" will be viewable to other CINC members. You are in control of your caregiving profile on the CINC application. You can decide to connect with other caregivers at any time. CINC does not require users to share any private information (phone number or e-mail), and you can select the time that works best with your schedule. 

In addition to communicating with other caregivers, CINC will provide custom professional caregiving advice based on your profile. This advice covers everything from household tips, articles, and hacks to help overcome everyday challenges. If this curated information does not help with your particular problem, select the app's "Ask an Expert" feature. "Ask and Expert" will put you directly in contact with a free (chat or call) consultation with caregiving specialists via Solutions for Caregivers. Solutions for Caregivers is a program run by UnitedHealthcare; you do not need to be a UnitedHealthcare customer to access this feature.

The powerful CINC app is only one component of AARP's new Care Connection online resource. Care Connection is a free hub of information, guides, and community. Below is one of Care Connections straightforward and colorful tips. They offer everything from beginners guides to specialized guides to help you along your individual journey. 

Care Connection and the CINC app will give you the support, answers, and confidence that you need to provide the very best care to your loved one. There are many other options available to find aid in your area. Check with your local AARP or Agency on Aging to find out about these available local services. But, with AARP's development of the CINC application and Care Connection online resource this information and support is right at your fingertips. We hope that this is the beginning of a trend in technology to help our cherished caregivers.

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