Earlier this year LiveOakMed partnered with Trustpilot to provide transparent and honest reviews. Since 2007, Trustpilot has collected and hosted 90 million reviews on 400,000 different websites. Trustpilot is now taking the bold step to increase their investment in protecting and promoting trust across the internet. We are a proud partner in this effort and are devoted to their philosophy of complete transparency. 

Trustpilot is a third-party review collection application with the goal of amplifying the voice of each one of our customers. The Trustpilot app collects through e-mail and displays our customer’s unbiased feedback. This feedback covers our products and our overall performance as a retailer. Here are our service reviews below, our product feedback can be seen on each product's page. 



This valuable feedback ensures that our team and partners are providing the best customer service throughout this challenging time. This feedback also ensures that our customer’s voice can be heard by future visitors to LiveOakMed. They are also hosted independent of our site on Trustpilot.com.


Trustpiltot's Technology

Trustpilot is investing in new initiatives to remove and prevent fraudulent reviews on its system. Fraudulent reviews can be purchased online, coordinated with direct compensation to the reviewer, or simply can be performed by someone related to the business. Trustpilot’s new fraud fingerprinting technology will help identify and remove fake reviews, reviewers and scams. Trustpilot is also doubling their investment in content integrity and data science teams to seek out and remove fraudulent reviews. These and other cutting-edge efforts show their commitment to authenticity on the internet.

Many small businesses and retailers in this challenging period are facing difficult decisions. These difficult decisions may lead managers to cut corners or look for shortcuts to stay ahead in uncertain times. But we want to let our customers know that through our partnership with Trustpilot we are doubling down on our team’s unparalleled customer service and high-quality products.


Our Commitment To Our Customers

If you do not see the Trustpilot logo by a site or product’s reviews I would be skeptical. There are many other smaller, lower cost review application systems on the market. These lower cost apps can be easily manipulated, and they do not have the guard rails in place to prevent manipulation. Trustpilot is the only independent review service that keeps us and its partners 100% accountable. If you have any questions about our commitment to transparency please contact me directly at Andy.Maddux@LiveOakMed.com. We hope you and your loved ones will stay safe and stay healthy. 

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