Falls Are Common:

  • 1 out of every 4 older adults will fall each year in the US.
  • They will visit the emergency room every 11 seconds from a fall.
  • Every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall.


Falls Are Expensive:

  • In 2015, fall injuries cost $50 billion.
  • Medicare and Medicaid covered 75% of these costs.
  • This year, fall injury costs shouldered by Seniors will rise to $67.7 billion.


Effective fall prevention is essential to increase our aging population's independence and to ensure their long-term safety. Innovators and entrepreneurs are working to solve this increasing problem.

Traditional medical alert buttons can only signal caregivers if the resident is carrying the button. Adherence and a clear understanding of the alert button is a far too common challenge.

New passive fall monitoring systems are offering caregivers the option to monitor their loved ones even if they have decided to or forget to carry an alert button.

The new passive fall monitoring systems now can collect essential data about a user before, during, and after the fall. This data is helping caregivers develop customized and preventive measures.


Aladin Lamp

The Aladin Lamp is a multifaceted fall prevention device. The Aladin Lamp collects data about the resident, joins with an integrated network of devices, and includes a motion-activated beam of light for added safety at night.

The Lamps are marketed in a set of three can be arranged in a line along a significant walkway. Fastened to the wall, the Aladin Lamp provides a sequence of automatic light to ensure a safe path through the night.

The smart lamp also collects vital data throughout the day and night. For example, increased activity at night would imply a decrease in deep, high-quality sleep. This data and other indicators can indicate forecasts of declining health and an increased risk of falling.

The Aladin Lamp interconnects with the developer Domalys' Globe-Trotter smartwatch, Family Tablet, and smartphone application. If a user suffers a fall, the lamp will automatically contact a monitoring service or assigned caregivers.

With many older adults having a degree of incontinence, racing to the bathroom frequently is typical. This rush to the toilet, especially in the middle of the night, is a cause of many accidents. Installing the Alladin Lamps along the path from one's bedroom to the bathroom is an ideal application of this passive monitoring system.


Walabot Home

Taking the Aladin Lamp one step further in detection capabilities, Walabot Home's 3D imaging system can detect falls throughout a room. Walabot's cutting-edge radio wave technology can even identify the type of fall.


The Walabot Home system requires no buttons or devices. If a fall occurs, the system will immediately notify an emergency contact. The system goes beyond merely sounding an alarm.

The Walabot Home monitor's powerful imaging technology detects an individual entering the room, their body sitting, their body standing, and in the event of a fall, the speed of the fall.



    When a fall occurs, the Walabot will immediately place a call to the assigned contact. Its speakerphone style design allows the designated contact to communicate with the fallen person. It can also reach out to their emergency contact and ensure a quick response if the fallen person is unconscious or unable to respond. This speakerphone style conversation allows for an assessment before contacting costly emergency services.

    Installing multiple Walabot Homes in high traffic areas throughout the home is an unbeatable safety net, especially for those who have trouble remembering to wear traditional medical alerts. The system eliminates the chance of becoming stuck on the ground and provides peace of mind to users and their loved ones.



     The SafelyYou System combines the safety net, high tech fall monitoring of the Walabot Home System and the proactive fall prevention processes of the Aladin Lamp.




    SafelyYou uses artificial intelligence and a secure care camera to monitor fall prone residents. Developed for use in memory care residents, SafelyYou's three components help providers create customized fall prevention plans.

    First, the system's camera and SafelyYou's AI algorithms can detect a resident's fall and notify staff. The camera's recordings that are not associated with the fall are automatically deleted. 

    The footage of the fall is then accessible by the residence's staff for analysis. They can view the video and analyze it for any immediate action. 

    The final step in the process, SafelyYou-Insight, gives providers access to a community of clinical fall prevention professionals. Within 72 hours of the fall, the facility staff will receive a thorough assessment from SafelyYou's team of fall prevention experts. Their team of experienced fall experts analyze fall footage regularly and can offer their professional recommendations.

    SafelyYou is a professional grade system. It brings together the power of artificial intelligence and experienced fall prevention experts. Having visual evidence of the fall offers an opportunity to comprehend the cause of their fall and confidently take steps to prevent future falls. 


    The Future of Fall Prevention

    Hopefully, in the future, the SafelyYou system will be available for residential applications. SafelyYou offers unparalleled insight into the root cause of a fall. But, the Aladin Lamp and the Walabot Home both offer the important emergency notification alert system.

    Fall Prevention

    Having a passive, automatic alert mechanism ensures fast assistance when needed most. This reassurance helps those living independently overcome many's greatest fear. AgeTech that can empower those aging in place to age in place with confidence and free from fear.

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