Staying Sharp: 9 Keys to Staying Mentally Sharp

October 14, 2015 recently featured an exert of Henry Emmons, M.D. and David Atler Ph.D.’s new book:

Staying Sharp: 9 Keys for a Youthful Brain Through Modern Science and Ageless Wisdom”.

Dr. Emmons and Alter’s “Staying Sharp program” consists of 9 key lessons from neuroscience that altogether can provide the key elements to maintaining and growing a youthful brain.

Each one of the book’s chapters focus on an one key lesson. The first 3 lessons are dedicated to building a resilient brain.

The next three keys are devoted to constructing a resilient brain.

The last 3 lessons will help you cultivate a vibrant mind and discover how to awaken your heart.


1. A Youthful Brain Loves Movement

Dr. Emmons and Alter outline how effective exercise and moving your body mindfully can have a direct impact on your brain’s health, energy, and quality of emotions.


2. Youthful Brain is Well Rested

Problems sleeping tend to increase as we age. They outline a number of tips on how to recharge your mind through safe, natural, mind-body approached to sleep.


3. Youthful Brain is Well Nourished

They provide a list of the best nutritional supplements and foods for your brain. And easy ways to incorporate mindfulness to your eating habits.


4. Youthful Brain Cultivates Curiosity

Find ways to increase potent brain fertilizers like novelty, play and wonder.


5. Youthful Brain is Flexible

Dr. Emmons and Alter discuss neuroplasticity, the ways our brains can change and adapt through our lives. By remaining flexible in your own life, you have the ability to remain flexible and thrive despite additional challenges. This flexibility will aid you through the second half of your life.


6. A Youthful Brain is Optimistic

They highlight the science of optimism and show how to cultivate the inner quality to enhance the legacy that you would like your life to have.


7. A Youthful Brain is Empathic

Brains are made to care, be compassionate and generous. When we grow the capacity to low week, so does your happiness. The authors discuss the science of empathy and show how you can use it to grow in your own level of joy.


8. Youthful Bairn is Well Connected

We are social beings and our brains are changed by being around others. The authors contemplate the importance of connecting with others in meaningful ways and building a growing sense of belonging in the world.


9. Youthful Brain is Authentic

Living authentically is one of the most important goals of a well-lived life. When you develop the ability to live consciously and fully, expressing your own deepest nature.

Be sure to check out “Staying Sharp: 9 Keys for A Youthful Brain Through Modern Science and Ageless Wisdom” to learn how to cultivate a youthful, resilient, and vibrant mind into your advanced age.

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