Individual suffering from alzheimer's or dementia deserve the highest quality care from trained healthcare professionals. Typically though they will be cared for by untrained and unpaid family members.  Not that these caregivers do not have the best intentions, they may not be able to handle one of the most difficult caregiving situations imaginable. Mike Good at highlights services available to prepare caregivers for the emotionally, physically, and financially draining circumstance.  

The best way to learn is through ongoing self-education while taking part in the initial "on the job training". Online self-education resources will supplement the experiences found day to day with the loved one. 

The first resource Good recommends are facebook groups. The Alzheimer's Foundation and Alzheimer's Association are great facebook pages and groups to start with. There you can fins important information about training opportunities and more importantly other caregivers sharing their solutions and experiences. 

Here is a link to both of their Facebook pages/groups:

Alzheimer's Foundation

Alzheimer's Association

Another great resource may be your local memory-care facilities. They typically will have training classes available for unpaid caregivers. The local facilities, most important of all,  may offer caregiver support groups. There you can learn from others who are ahead of you in the caregiver journey. 

The National Institute on Aging and many other online resources offers a wide variety of resources for those who are unable to work classes into their schedule. Youtube channels, like Together in This, and many others may help you find the answer to your specific need. 

In addition, Together In This, offers a variety of tactical pages that organize resources, training workshops with experts, and guides that offer streamlined information. 

How ever you find your caregiver self-education, Alzheimer's and other dementias can present unique challenges that self-education can work towards to be successful.

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