Roadside Assistance for Older Drivers

September 25, 2015

Jim Miller at the Savvy Senior received an important question about effective and affordable roadside services for retirees on a fixed budget.  Miller offers some great advice on available road assistance programs. Most roadside services offer services such as flat-tire changes, jump-starting a batter, lost-keys, and towing. Auto clubs, like AAA, used to be the only option for drivers. But, now there are a variety of options available. Before you purchase a new plan, check if your vehicle is under warranty. Sometimes auto manufacturers include comprehensive roadside assistance coverage for free when you buy a new or certified used car. Double check with your car dealer or your warranty to find out more information. 

Also, double check with your auto insurance company, credit card company, or cell phone provider. Sometime these companies may offer roadside assistance as add-on plans for a a few dollars per year. Double check the options their plan include for example, number of calls per year, towing distance, and dollar caps for repairs. 

If you wish to access further discounts and improved service options than what you have currently available, try an Auto Club. The most popular, AAA, offers comprehensive automobile services and has a large network of more than 40,000 roadside assistance providers. With that many roadside assistance providers, AAA has incredibly fast response times. The costs can very from $40 to $162 per year. All depending upon where you live and the plan you choose, plus an additional fee for adding a family member. A number of other Auto Clubs are available as well:

Good Sam

GM Motor Club

AAAR Roadside Assistance

Allstate Motor Club

Better World Club

Another available option is to consider pay-on-demand roadside assistance service like Honk and Urgently. These service can be requested from a smartphone and do not charge membership fees. Strictly fees based upon the assistance required. 

For further solutions to make driving safer and more comfortable for older drivers visit Live Oak Med's Car Aids here


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