Medication Management at Home: All Too Common

March 16, 2015's resourceful blog recently featured a discussion on the growing problem of medication management. With increasing numbers of Americans taking an increasing number of medications, improper medication management has become an all to common problem.

Every week, four out of five Americans take either an over the counter medicine, herbal supplement, or prescription drug.  Thirdage presents the example of Mr. Johnson:

"Mr. Johnson has type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension. He may take one or two prescription meds for each condition - and then on top of that, he may have other medicines to take occasionally if he has an infection or some other short-term health problem. That's easily five or more medicines at one time."

Thirdage listed a number of common medication errors to avoid:



Dosing mistakes can result from either giving to little or to much of a drug. 


Chewing a non-chewable pill

When your accidentally break or chew medication that should not be broken. Many medications are designed to not be broken before ingestion. They have a special coating to prevent the pill's medicine from being absorbed too early.



Taking medication at the incorrect time. Many medications need to be taken with food, others with an empty stomach. If you take your medication at the incorrect time can cause serious irritation and problems for your stomach.


Missing Does

Forgetting to take your medicine is a very common problem. Live Oak's of MedReady Automated Pill Dispensers, and LED Calendar Clocks will help remind you of your medication schedule. For more information on these and other solutions please visit our Caregiving Aids section. 


Misunderstanding Directions

Medication's instructions can become complicated and stressful very quickly. Misunderstanding medication's instructions is a much to common problems. 

For further information about your specific medication and its proper usage please contact your local pharmacist. 

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