Caregiving full-time or part-time is a noble, unselfish and many times challenging role.

But what effect can this role have on the caregiver's long-term health?

Researchers in Thailand completed a study focusing on the health needs of caregivers. 

They found in their sample of full and part time caregivers, that the adult caregiver's health and well being went mostly unnoticed. Their 2012 study, continues to recommend ways to improve the physical and mental health of caregivers all around the world. 

After studying over 60,000 surveys from adult caregivers, researchers found high levels of lower back pain and psychological distress.

Male full-time and part-time caregivers had a higher chance of poor psychological health and lower back pain than men who were not caregivers. While women who were full or part-time caregivers, were also more likely to experience psychological distress and lower back pain. But, female caregivers suffered from poorer self-assessed health than women who were not caregivers. 

The researchers also found much more extensive training in the healthcare field's caregivers. Those professionals have gone through extensive training to protect their spine and back's health while lifting, working with patients, and moving the patients. 

But, at-home caregivers need to pay special attention to their back's while caregiving. Be sure to remember proper lift technique, gentle back exercises, and regular back stretches. Getting into these habits as soon as possible can prevent any long term lower back pain. 

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