The Business News resource Market Watch has brought together 2 experts to find ways to make staying healthy fun and simple. 

Sometimes starting your healthy lifestyle can almost seem impossible. And healthcare professional's care for your well being can easily feel like you are back in trouble with your teacher.

Kristin Kirkpatrick, manager of wellness nutrition services at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and Jeanette DePatie, a Los Angeles-based licensed fitness professional want to make getting healthy seem not so complicated and overwhelming. 

Kirkpatrick offered 4 simple Diet suggestions:

1. Eat Palm-sized Portions

Don't spend your energy counting and recording calories. Simply eat portions the size of your palm. Although, your whole meal does not need to fit into your palm. The parts of the meal should. 

2. Eat Five Colors A Day

If you eat 5 colors a day you will get a great balance of nutrients. fruits and vegetables tend to be healthy and full of nutrients. While less colorful, white or brown, foods tend to the color of processed foods full of artificial ingredients and additives. 

3. Be Consistent

Try to avoid cheat days. It can make it much more difficult to return to your normal healthy routine. Kirkpatrick recommends " to eat good-quality calories 85% of the time every day. With the other 15%, you can eat foods that aren’t quite as good for you, such as white rice if that’s your thing. “Good” calories confer nutrients; they tend to be less processed than “bad” calories—think brown rice or quinoa versus white rice."

4. Get Adequate Sleep 

Make sure to get more than 6 hours of sleep a night. Not getting enough sleep can make it difficult to control your appetite. 


Track Runner Blue and Red Sweatsuit

Jeanette DePatie, a licensed fitness professional offered 4 straightforward fitness suggestions:  

1. Make Peace with Your Starting Point

After a long break from an exercise routine, it can be discouraging not starting from where you left off. It can take a little bit to acknowledge and move on that they are not where they used to be physically. The quicker you can move past those feelings, the quicker you will be back on track. 

2. Rock Your Block

Seeing how many times you can walk around your block is a great way to determine your new exercise starting point. DePatie suggests listening to music to make your work out exciting. 

3. Build Up Gradually

To avoid injury or burnout, do not increase your workout's frequency, intensity, or duration by more than 10% a week. 

4. Grab Some Buddies

Friends always make exercise more fun and your friend's will also help hold you accountable to your fitness, diet, and healthy lifestyle goals! 


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