Late last year we featured Humane Lift by Live Oak's Mangar Bathing Cushion as an affordable and convenient alternative to a walk-in bathtub. 

The innovative inflatable bathing cushion's affordability and portability continues to offer an unmatched level of independence at home and traveling. 

In contrast walk-in bathtub's offer high costs and an inconvenient installation process.


Angie's List recently featured a few more issues with walk-in bathtubs: 


You Have to Enter the Walk-In Tub and Shut its Door Before Turning on the Water

Filling up the entire walk-in bathtub with water can take a long time.

With the lengthy filling time plus finding the right water temperature is crucial.  If you cannot find the right temperature, the start to your bath can become a lengthy and chilly process.


Waiting for the Walk-in Bathtub to Drain can Take a Long Time 

Not only will the beginning of your bath be chilly and time consuming. But, by the end of your "relaxing" bath you will have to wait patiently for all of the water to leave the walk-in bathtub. 


Updated Water Heater 

    With the walk-in tub's increased size many homes will need new, powerful hot water heaters in order to properly use the tub.

    If your home requires a new hot water heater in addition to the walk-in tub itself, you could be looking at a very expensive project. 


    A Walk-In Bathtub is Permanent

      When sharing a bathroom or hosting relatives, the Mangar Inflatable Bath Cushion offers you an easy option.  

      After use simply deflate and store the cushion out of the other's way. Turning any hotel, resort, or relative's bathtub into a safe environment. 

      Most of the of the walk-in bathtub manufacturers have dealt with the above problems. They have developed additional features such as: fast-filling faucets, fast-moving drains, and temperature controls. But, these additional features will of course come at an additional cost. 

      Avoid headaches and long, cold waits with the portable inflating Mangar Bathing Cushion:


      Use your existing bath tub for a cushioned natural bathing experience.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions about how the Mangar Bathing Cushion can increase your independence. 


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