AAA has been at the forefront of driver safety and improvement. They actually developed the first driver training program in 1935.

AAA recently developed a RoadWise Driver safety course for seniors.

The RoadWise Defensive Driver course offers you the opportunity to keep your driving skills up to date as well as getting the most out of your car. The course is offered both in a classroom and in a convenient online format.

According to the AAA, "senior drivers are at a higher risk of having a serious accident per mile driven than any other age group except those under age 25. Drivers in their late 70s have about the same number of injury-involved crashers per mile driven as drivers in their early 20s.”

This defensive driving course can help you stay safe and retain your independent lifestyle while potentially saving money on your auto insurance.

Be sure to check out the availability of the RoadWise Driver Safety course online or in person in your state (click here). Additional charges may apply, although discounts on your insurance may be available!

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