Collapsible water retainer shower dams are essential for roll-in showers.

They are designed to prevent dangerous and costly water spillage in a curbless shower stall. The Collapsible Water Dam can reduce both your home or facility's potential liability as well as maintenance.

Proper installation has to start with determining your shower’s corners.

The retainer dams are available for modular showers, which have rounded corners. And they are also available for tile showers or shower pans with square corners.

Each of these style showers will require a different measurement and end cap. Today we will focus on the installation of a Collapsible Dam in the Modular Shower using the radius or rounded end caps.


Before You Start:

Determine if you have the proper radius or rounded end cap for your shower. This will create a proper fit and finish. As a result, this will assist in keeping the shower’s curtain inside of the collapsible barrier. Adding a properly measured Weighted Shower Curtain can provide the most complete and effective solution available.

Make sure you have the correct length for your shower’s opening. Typically for radius corners you will need to purchase 6" ( 3" on either side) greater than the opening to properly cover the shower’s transition. Custom size water dams are available.  Special Note: a 1.5” wide flat surface is required for proper mounting.

Determine where you will be mounting the Collapsible Water Dam. See if your fiberglass reinforced shower has a small molded ridge or “water runoff assist” design. This ridge should be on the floor roughly 1-3” from the front entry edge of your shower unit. The inside of edge of the Water Dam should rest on the crown of the ridge allowing the water to run off properly. Use this ridge as your guide to mounting the collapsible dam parallel to this ridge.

If your shower does not have the water run-off style design ridge. The proper location for installation must be decided.

Tools & Materials Required: Utility Knife, tape measure, straight edge, clear or white silicone adhesive caulk, masking tape, rubbing alcohol, bucket of water and clean rags



1. Clean the threshold’s surface of all soap scum and debris using standard bath cleanser. Then, chemically clean the threshold’s surface with rubbing alcohol

2. Double check the required length for your Collapsible Water Dam by estimating the vertical rise necessary in the corner’s transition. Make sure that their is enough Water Dam to make this rise on either end.

3. Measure and mark the center point of the shower

4. Measure and make the center point of the Collapsible Water Dam’s strip

5. Turn over the Water Dam and cut on the orange peel of strip at the halfway mark. Peel of a small portion (roughly 4”) of the orange strip in one direction to expose the adhesive.

6. Line up the water dam with the pre-determined halfway mark or molded ridge crown of the shower starting at the halfway mark. Press on and stick the 4” strip of exposed adhesive. Pull and stretch the water dam and align before removing the remainder of the orange peel of strip. Press firmly into place

7. Peel, stretch, aline and pull the remaining half of the Water Dam to the wall. Press firmly into place

8. Push in the male end of the end cap into the water dam. Stick the end cap to the Water Dam with adhesive caulk and wipe clean. Clear or White adhesive type caulk is recommended.

9. Use masking tape to temporarily hold the Water Dam’s end cap in place until the caulk has dried.

10. (Optional) The outer edges beneath the retainer may be caulked if desired to prevent soap or shower debris from getting underneath the Water Dam. The Dam’s adhesive intentionally does not extend to the dam’s edge to allow it to absorb the impact of a rolling shower chair (collapse). Clean off any of this extra caulk and let dry before beginning use of the shower.


Now your Modular shower has a long lasting, easy to clean, bacterial and stain resistant barrier.

We will be discussing how to install your collapsible water dam in your shower with square corners tomorrow. 

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