Mangar Camel & Elk Floor Lifts Win "Hot Product" Award at JEMS EMS Exhibition

JEMS EMS Hot Product WinnerJEMS produces the industry leading online EMS resource, EMS Today. JEMS' EMS Exhibition is celebrating its 34th anniversary.

The exhibition gives first responders, paramedics, and EMTs the opportunity to network, attend educational seminars, and see demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies. The Mangar ELK and CAMEL's cutting-edge capabilities caught the attention of many attendees. The portable system's ability to lift patients from the floor in a safe and dignified manner drew quite the crowd .

One onlooker was noted EMS broadcaster Ann Robinson-Montrea BSN from Robinson-Montrea selected the ELK as the "standout" piece of equipment from the entire exhibition!

Portable Mangar Camel Patient Lift In Action


Battery Powered Mangar Elk Emergency Floor Lift



The Mangar ELK and Camel lift's low-cost, portable pneumatic design remove the risks of long-term muscoskeletal damages to first responders and caregivers attempting to lift individuals who have fallen.

Saving you and your organization their well-being, resources, and money.

Call us today at 888-940-0605 or e-mail us at to see how this hot product can help you!

Camel Lift CushionMangar Elk Cushion

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