With many Americans beginning to feel their first taste of Spring you may be tempted to break out your Summer time shoes. Letting your feet breath can let you really enjoy the warmer months while gardening, walking your dog, or running errands.  

Many people are also suffering from a condition or recovering from a surgery may find it difficult or impossible to take traditional shoes on and off. Bending over to tie and untie the shoes can become a daily challenge. As a result, many of these peopl find flip-flops a suitable alternative. 

But for either case, flip-flops can present a number of hidden health risks that you should be aware of: 

1. Plantar Fascitis

Without the proper support of a traditional shoe sole the area between your toes and ball of your foot may become irritated. Especially due to the toe-curling that is required to keep the sandal in place beneath your foot. 


2. Injury (falls, stubbing, fracture)

The National Health Service in the UK reported in 2010 that flip-flops were to blame for over 200,000 injuries each year. These injuries could result from stubbing your exposed, sensitive toes which would have other wise been protected be a shoe. Your foot is also put at added risk for fracture while exposed. And the chance of tripping and falling while walking down a sidewalk, stepping over a curb,  or getting off of an escalator is  dramatically increased. 


3. Poor Posture

Proper posture has been proven to preserve healthy bones. Flip-flops lack of support does not contribute to your proper posture. 


4. Bacteria

The New York Daily News found that after wearing flip-flops for 3 months, 93% of the sandals in their study had fecal bacteria and 20% had E.coli. The bottom of, and in flip-slops case the top of, any shoe will become extremely dirty during regular wear. 


Don't let this stop you from enjoying your flops this Spring and Summer. Medical professionals only recommended that flip-flops be only worn for a limited period of time. Whether it is at the pool, the gym's locker room, or in the garden they should not become your primary footwear. 

If you or your loved one wears flip-flops regularly because they are unable to take on or off traditional shoes. We strongly recommend browsing our new line of Quikiks 100% Hands-Free Footwear. 

Quikiks Hands-Free Shoe Diagram

The Quikiks lets the user easily step in and out of their shoes without bending over or using their hands. All while providing a traditional shoe's support and safety. Browse LiveOakMed's full collection of sizes and styles here. 

Watch below to see a demonstration of this empowering product:

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