Fall Prevention Friday: Tai Chi for Arthritis

April 08, 2016

Tai Chi has repeatedly been found by researchers to help prevent falls, improve flexibility, and maintain muscular strength. Tai Chi has been called "meditation in motion". After practicing its smooth and flowing movements, one can find themselves in a relaxed state similar to meditation. But, at the same time increasing your sense of balance and flexibility.

An ancient Chinese tradition, Tai-Chi has many different styles of practice. Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi For Heal Institute offers 10 different programs, choose the right one for you here.  

Researches from the CDC and Arthritis Foundation recommend Dr. Paul Lam's: "Tai Chi For Arthritis for Fall Prevention".  The researchers were able to document evidence that participants in this program reduced their chance of falls by 70%.

Besides the fundamental physical aspect of Tai Chi, the mental benefit makes a big difference.  The program helps the individual regain confidence in their walking and daily routine. Dr. Lam credits Tai Chi's 3 principles, movement control, weight transference, and the integration of mind and boy.


1. Movement Control

Tai Chi's practice consists of smooth, slow, and continuous movements. These movements strengthen difficult to exercise muscles. These deep, internal, stabilizer muscles help you stand upright. Controlling these movements calms your mind, reducing the chance of falling from a significant decrease in blood pressure. This is very important when taking medications that may impact your blood pressure. 

2. Weight Transference

Tai chi helps one become mindful whenever transferring their weight with each step. Also the practice emphasizes proper posture and strengthens these muscles effectively. 

3. Integration of Mind & Body

Tai chi helps practitioners focus their minds and loosen their bodies. This combination helps remove the fear of falling. A fear of falling increases the chance of one falling. 

Dr. Pam's program are available from a team of nationwide master instructors. Find a master instructor near you here

If a master instructor is not close by, DVDs of his course are available from his company Tai Chi Productions. With the DVD option, it may help to start your practice with a few beginning "live" courses to ensure you understand and can perform the basics of Tai Chi.  

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