Continuing our series of proven fall prevention initiatives, the Otago Exercise Program. Developed in New Zealand the Otago Exercise Program is made up of 17 different strength and balance exercises demonstrated by a live physical therapist. 

The physical therapists assess, coach, and progress patients through the 6 month to 1 year long program. The combination of the physical therapists and the program's exercise leads to an astonishing 35-40% decrease in patients falls.  

 Otago Exercise Program

The Otago Fall Prevention Program consists of a series of online demonstration videos (available to download): 

- Warm Up Videos

These will warm up your neck, trunk, ankles, and back.

- Strength Exercises

The program offers a number of exercises to strengthen your knee extensor, knee flexor, calf raises, and toe raises.

-Balance Exercises

A wide variety of 11 different exercises to increase your balance and reduce change of fall. 

-Assessment Videos

Includes a demonstration of the chair rise, 4-stage balance test, and timed up and go test to measure your progress throughout the program. 

For further information on learning the Otago Fall Prevention Program, accessing training manuals, and contacting Otago specialists visit the UNC Geriatric Education Center. 

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