Fall Prevention Friday: Fallscape

March 11, 2016

Continuing our focus on proven Fall Prevention programs, the innovative FallScape Program. 

The FallScape Program uses cutting-edge, interactive technology  to create personalized fall prevention training sessions and evaluations. Their software provides customized and standard fall prevention programs.

Researchers have found that FallScape's program "reduces falls while increasing recognition of personal fall risks and promoting fall prevention behaviors".  

Fallscape Family

The FallScape system consists of 4 different sections: 


1. FallsTalk

FallsTalk is a user-friendly software that makes fall history records and screening information easy to access. Create fall prevention programs using custom workbooks and reports. Many clinical trials show evidence that FallsTalk's "behavioral intervention methodology" significantly reduces falls compared to unrelated fallers. 

FallsTalk creates customized workbooks, reporting tools, and fall diary forms with just a click. A separate plan of care (POC) module streamlines workflow eliminating the need for duplicative documentation. 


2. InRep

InRep is software that makes mandatory reporting on all types of reportable events simple. Designed for use in skilled nursing sub-acute facilities and is Federal (AHRQ)  and state (DOH) compliant. Its streamlined procedure can be used for all types of reportable events, resulting in uniform quality documentation, eliminating paperwork. 

InRep helps facilities communicate with up-to-the-minute resident statuses. Also, the software's FallsInvestigation feature can add links to this information that was entered into InRep following a fall incident. Allowing caregivers to make changes and recommendations for the resident's comprehensive plan of care (POC). 


3. FallScape

FallScape uses the FallsTalk software above to create a customized profile for each user. The user's FallsTalk profile will help the FallScape software collect the best instructional training clips. The user then will experience these training clips with an included headset. This headset will provide an immersive, customized environment for the participant. FallScape includes over 150 short video clips designed to help improve  fall prevention. 


4. FallsWeb

FallsWebs is a cloud application that is coming soon. FallsWeb lets users share fall prevention data nationwide. This system allows one to provide a custom fall prevention program anywhere or anytime. By using the cloud, its information is low cost, available on any platform, and can be used on any smartphone. 

Next Friday we will be featuring an entirely different style of Fall Prevention Program. The in-Home physical therapist based, Otago Exercise Program includes a series of 17 different exercises and in-depth coaching. 

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