The only way that Pam M.’s husband Roger was coming home from the nursing home was if she converted their ground level half bath into a full bathroom - and if she could find a way to help him up after a fall. Thankfully, converting the bathroom is a routine home modification. Finding a safe way to get her husband off of the floor after a fall, however, was more of a challenge. 

Helping Roger up after a fall required the assistance of two or more people and was always a struggle. After searching for a solution Pam thanks the “angel on [her] shoulder” for helping her find  the IndeeLift Human Floor Lift (HFL) online. Pam now gives the IndeeLift HFL credit for allowing her husband to leave assisted care and confidently live at home.  

The Problem

Roger started suffering undiagnosed strokes in the spring of 2017. These strokes caused him to lose his balance and fall multiple times throughout the day. These falls were especially dangerous when he got up at night to use the restroom. After one late night fall in the bathroom, Pam had to call EMS and her husband was admitted to the hospital. He only spent 4 months of the following year at home. Throughout this challenging period, Pam discovered many frustrating shortcomings of the medical system.   

Rehabilitation and long-term care facilities were not working for Pam and Roger. After being admitted to a rehab facility, its medical staff received complete control of his care. This meant he could no longer consult or visit with his previous medical team. His new doctor’s new treatment plan only added to his symptoms and Pam’s frustration with the rehab facility. With the falls continuing, the rehab facility wanted to convert him into a long-term care patient. 

Couple Reading Bill

Pam desperately wanted Roger to avoid becoming a long-term care patient. The high costs of his required level of care did not seem justified.

Pam searched for an alternative to the understaffed facility but with his classification as a fall risk, finding a new long term care facility was difficult. The increase in safety protocols and the staff’s constant excuses made it clear to Pam that administrators would prefer that Roger was no longer their resident. While managing her husband’s medical care and avoiding the pitfalls of patient dumping, Pam faced new financial challenges.

In order to cover the high costs of his care, Pam would need to spend down their life savings and apply to become a Medicaid patient. Both Pam and Roger are in their sixties and financing a nursing home for decades was a difficult option. Especially since they would be sacrificing their retirement savings. Pam was already responsible for nearly $200,000 in medical bills before Medicaid would offer any assistance.

With Roger’s monthly care costs ranging between $7,000 and $9,000, the math was simply not adding up for their family. Pam started searching for a device to help her husband escape the costly, long-term care cycle.

Assisted Living : $7,000 - $9,000/per month

IndeeLift HFL-300:  

The Solution

Pam scoured the web for a helpful solution. Frustrated by the limitations of the established styles of patient floor lifts she was close to giving up the hunt. Giving credit to “an angel on [her] shoulder”, Pam discovered the IndeeLift HFL in the Summer of 2019. After receiving their system, Pam’s husband has been living happily at home. 

Pam had the HFL out of the box and ready to go in under ten minutes. She loves the HFL’s easy to use design. Pam describes it as something  “everyone can use”. Its small footprint allows her to maneuver it easily around their home to wherever her husband needs it. The sturdy, supportive chair like design means Roger can even use the HFL all by himself while Pam is out  of the house running errands.

It’s difficult to measure the long-term benefits of living at home (and out of a nursing home) for her husband’s health. However, it’s quite easy to quantify the reduced financial stress and anxiety Pam faces day to day. The HFL was a small investment to avoid her husband’s high costs of long term care ($7,000 - $9,000 per month) and the peace of mind that her husband is safe at home alone. 

IndeeLift HFL Front Side

Roger still was surprised and thought Pam was out of her mind when she purchased the IndeeLift HFL. He was shocked that she had decided to spend that amount of money on a single medical device. However, after a few falls, Roger’s feelings quickly changed and he is now extremely grateful for the freedom it provides their family. Even their neighbor who used to help her husband after a fall still gives him a hard time. They often joke about how he was at first so mad at Pam for purchasing the HFL and now relies on - and loves - his lift.

The economics of the IndeeLift are straightforward in Pam’s case. Unfortunately, it is not always so simple to determine the immediate benefit of the investment. That said, we are confident that compared to more costly, complicated and permanent patient lifts, the HFL is a life changing tool. Contact us today to learn more about the power of the IndeeLift Human Floor Lift.