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UK Ambulance Service Saves Big With Mangar Elk

November 30, 2016

Mangar Elk Cushion

- One year after Wales' South Western Ambulance Service (
SWAST) introduced the Elk, the Service's overall sickness days fell by 10%. 

- This decrease in expensive sick leave saved the service  over £300K (USD $223,958). 


In 2008, SWAST responded to roughly 130,000 emergency calls. 23% of these emergency calls were to lift individuals who had suffered a fall.

SWAST also had to manage over 5,000 sick responder's days resulting from a musculoskeletal injury.  Musculoskeletal injuries refer to injuries that impact the body's movement, for example, muscles, tendons,  ligaments, nerves, and discs.

These injuries are very easily caused by repetitive and hazardous manual lifting of individuals. The weight and size of any person can be quite difficult on one's musculoskeletal system.

Recovery from injuries of this nature can become quite long and expensive. SWAST's first responder's  5,000 sick days cost the Service over £3m (USD $3.9) that year!


Neil Hunt, Clinical Tutor with SWAST found that within only one year of distributing the ELK to their Ambulance teams, their team members reported 10% fewer sick and injured days.

Watch the Mangar Elk Lift Cushion in Use Below:  


For more information on how the Mangar Elk lift can save your team's time, resources, and long-term musculoskeletal health, visit our Mangar Elk page here or give us a call at 888-940-0605.

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