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Doty Belt - Patient Lift Harness

April 27, 2017

Doty Belt - Patient Lift Harness

First responders, caregivers, and loved ones often face the dangers of manually lifting and maneuvering a patient. The size and shape of the patient and their circumstance can put the caregiver and the patient in a hazardous situation. In 2014 the CDC found that overexertion injuries in healthcare workers are most often caused by manually lifting and positioning. 

back injuryOverexertion injuries include sprains, strains, and any other damage to the musculoskeletal system. These musculoskeletal injuries many time require lengthy recovery and a high number of sick days. 

The injury rates in the healthcare field are incredibly high. Nursing home workers suffer three times as many overexertion injuries than the average full-time worker. And ambulance workers experience five times that same average full-time worker. Implementing safe lifting techniques and incorporating safe patient lifting tools can help reduce these high rates of injury. 

Safe patient lifts protect the lifter's long term health but also will help keep the fallen individual safe from additional injuries. An unsuccsessful lift can cause bruising, abrasions, and many times additional stress to the patient.

The Solution

Glen Doty, an active Captain with a California Fire Department, has responded to hundreds of these lift assist calls. These patient lift assist calls help the elderly, obese, or injured get back on their feet or into their bed or chair. With the growing numbers of people impacted by the obesity epidemic, Doty has only seen these lift assist calls number increase.

To solve this growing and dangerous problem, Doty devised the Lift Assist Harness. Doty came up with the idea for the belt when his crew needed to lift a woman from the ground to her wheelchair. The crew was unable to get into a safe position to complete the lift and put the patient in danger of being injured. After much difficulty, the crew was able to position the wheelchair correctly and get her back into the chair. Doty thought there must be an easier, safer, and efficient method to lift a patient.

Doty spent two years and many hours developing prototypes that could handle patient lifts in many different situations. With the end goal of producing an affordable, easy-to-use, and durable solution. The finished Doty Belt lift assist harness constructed for maximum strength and dependability while preserving the patient's dignity.

The Doty Belt was tested to meet UL standards for lift safety, and tensile tested up to 1700 lbs. With this unmatched strength and support, First Responders, caregivers, and loved ones know that they can use the Doty Belts with confidence.

The Doty Belt is available in three different sizes (small, regular, and large) and two different different designs, pro and medical.


Doty Belt - Pro

Doty belt transfer blue
The Doty Belt - Pro gives increased leverage when lifting, transferring, or positioning.

The belt's handles (4 on the small/regular size and 6 handles with the large size) rubber coating gives the lifter a secure and comfortable grip. The belt is available separately and in a discounted pro set which includes the regular and large size belt. 


Doty Belt - Medical

Doty belt yellow transfer
The Doty Belt - Medical Model has the same ergonomic design and function as the pro model.

The Medical model's webbing is infused with polyurethane to prevent fluid penetration and allow for easy cleaning. Each medical design belt is available separately or in an economical medical belt set that includes the large and regular size belt. 


Doty Belt Pediatric Harness

Doty belt black pediatric harness
The Doty Belt Pediatric Harness assists caregivers and physical therapists when lifting and transferring children.

4 rubberized comfort grip handles provide a firm grip during lifts and transfers. 


Doty Belt Patient Transfer Sling

Doty yellow transfer sling
The versatile Doty Belt Transfer Sling offers a variety of different uses and applications.

Easy to transport and store, the sling's vinyl backing is strong and comfortable for the fallen person.








Doty Belt Patient Handling Kit

Doty Belt Patient Handling KitPrepare for all patient lifts. The Patient Handling Kit includes all Doty Belt sizes and accessories.  All at a 10% discount.

The Doty Belt Kit also includes a high quality coda fabric bag for easy storage and travel. 

Available in the Pro & Medical Doty Belt


The Doty Belt Harnesses and accessories were developed and made in the USA to save healthcare worker's backs around the world. Contact one of our safe lift specialists today to find out how the Doty Belt and accessories can help you and your team. 

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