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Easterseals: Providing Opportunities & Resources

April 19, 2017

Easterseals: Providing Opportunities & Resources is devoted to providing products and services to help people stay independent and safe. We know that the products we offer are not always able to entirely complete this goal. We hope to help bridge that gap with this and upcoming profiles of national and regional services that can help you and your loved ones live better lives.

For almost a century Easterseals has provided resources for those facing disability. Easterseals provides them and their families with a broad scope of services and support nationwide. The nonprofit organization helps over one million children and adults with disabilities and special needs throughout their 85 affiliates and 550 service sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico. Easterseal's mission is to help and provide support in five distinct areas: live, learn, work, play and act.

Through their team of health professionals, therapists, teachers, and other professionals they help set goals and programs in each of these five areas. While also ensuring that their caregivers and support system is receiving the assistance and support they may need.


For Caregivers 

Easterseals offers a wide variety of online resources for caregiver's. These guides and reports can help provide an excellent foundation for balancing all of your caregiving responsibilities. These online resources are a virtual compliment to Easterseals' expertise, which is providing caregivers a place to go for help and answers. They offer a plethora of older adult services, such as adult day care centers, in-home support, mobility options, and wellness programs. All with the goal to encourage independence, wellness, and connectivity between older Americans. Contact your local affiliate for more availability details. 


Get Involved

Easterseals is a leading organization supporting those with disabilities and their caregivers. There are a few different ways to help support their mission. It can be as simple as joining their Legislative Action Network, participating in a Walk with Me walk, or a small monetary donation to support their mission. Easterseals' legislative action network works to preserve those with disabilities access to home and community-based services.


For Veterans 

Easter seals iconIn addition to supporting those with disabilties and special needs, EasterSeals is expanding their services to veterans and military families. EasterSeal's growing veterans services will help break down barriers, engage organzations, and communities, and connect veterans and their families with important services.

Many of the available services include employment, education, and general pysical wellness. They have developed a Direct Employers Association program which has membership of around 800 business that wish to hire veterans and those with disabilities. With the Direct Employers Association program, Easterseals now can offer an easy to use job search portal at There they can find detailed job postings from these companies.

LiveOakMed hopes that this brief feature on Easterseals has pointed you towards one of their local offices for assitance or even to make a small donation to this invaluable service organization. 

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