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Voice Activated Remote Controls

December 04, 2015

Unfortunately the Accenda Voice Activated Remote control has been discontinued. 

We have been unable to contact the manufacturer Innotech to find out any further information about the future of the remote or their brand. 

Fortunately in the past number of years voice activated technology has significantly advanced.

Xfinity has started providing voice activated remote technology with their X-1 cable systems:

Xfinity Voice Activated Remote Control

Samsung's "Smart Control"  features advanced voice or motion controlled remote control for their TV sets: 

Samsung Voice Activated Control

If neither of these remotes are adaptable to either your physical or technical needs. Another option is the (also discontinued by the manufacturer) Invoca Voice activated Remote Control. 

At the time of publication there are still a number Invoca voice activated remote controls available on Amazon or Ebay. 

Invoca Voice Activated Remote


Technology has continued to make even more startling developments in the voice activated realm with:

- Apple's Siri

- Microsoft's Cortana

- Facebook's M

- Google's Now

Provide hands free, voice activated assistance from a simple smartphone application.

Voice activated and hands-free direction in our lives will only become more common but much more easier. 

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