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Lifting Techniques for Home Caregivers

March 18, 2015

Orthopedic Associates of Zanesville, Ohio recently shared a brief overview of proper lifting techniques for home caregivers to prevent back pain.  


They focus on the most dangerous activities:

-  Lifting or moving a person

-  Leaning above the patient for long periods of time

-  Positioning a patient in their bed up into a seated position

-  Transferring a person from a bed to a chair


While also recommending the proper lifting techniques:

-  Hold the proper alignment of your neck and head with your spine

-  Maintain the natural curve of your spine

-  Never bend at your waist

-  While carrying a person, avoid twisting your body

-  Keep the patient who is being lifted or moved close to your body

-  Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, which will help you keep your balance

-  Activate the muscles in your legs to lift, never your back

-  And, never be afraid to ask for help. 

These techniques are indeed useful to help prevent back injury while caregiving. 

But, with new no-lift procedures going into affect in many states, transferring or moving a patient without assistance has been considered to dangerous.

Live Oak's full line of Humane Lift transferring, positioning, and lifting solutions are available assist you in preserving both you and the patient's health and safety.

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