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Light Activity Leads to Healthy Hearts

February 26, 2015

Last week HealthDay featured a a new study that suggests light physical activity can help older adults' hearts. Even if the older adult has mobility issues.

It should come as no surprise that regular exercise at any age will help your heart. But for people with physical impairments, like knee arthritis, may reduce their ability to exercise.

Thomas Buford, senior researcher on the study and director of the Health Promotion Center of the University of Florida Institute on Aging 

"We hear the advice to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, but that can be quite challenging for seniors with limited mobility," 

Buford's research team found some very encouraging results. The 1,200 older adults with limited mobility, those who fit some movement into their days -- such as light housework or slow walking -- had a much lower predicted risk of suffering a heart attack in the next 10 years.

Buford continues "This is an important concept -- that just reducing the amount of time you're sedentary could have cardiovascular benefits"  

The full article is featured here in HealthDay. And, the full study is available here

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