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55% Of Boomers Worry About Parents' Driving, Only 23% Are Talking About It

February 22, 2015

Liberty Mutual recently completed a study about boomer's and their attitudes towards their parent's driving. 

According to the survey, 55 percent of boomers (ages of 40-65) are troubled by the idea of their mom or dad getting behind the wheel.

Despite 55 percent of the boomer's unease and 90 percent of boomers agreeing that it is important to discuss driving safety with parents.

ONLY 23 percent are actually having the discussion.

More troubling is that 29 percent of boomers say they plan to not broach the topic with their parents altogether. 

The survey also found:

  • 46 percent of respondents believe that such a discussion would make their parents feel hurt or angry.
  • 31 percent of boomers believe that their parents would complain about the lack of options for getting around.
  • And 22 percent believe that discussing the matter would only make their parents even more determined to stay behind the wheel.

Below is an informative infographic displaying the survey's data:

Liberty Mutual: Senior Driving Infographic


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