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When to Stop Driving?

January 12, 2015

Live Oak's local newspaper, the Asheville Citizen-Times, featured an in depth front page article discussing the dangers and delicate dilemma of seniors and driving. 

Elderly, families struggle with when to stop driving (Click Here for the Article)

The article also includes bad driving warning signs to keep in mind:

Bad Driving Warning Signs

Decrease in confidence while driving, easily distracted while driving, increased agitation or irritation when driving.

Difficulty turning to see when backing up.

Riding the brake, incorrect signaling; failure to stop at stop sign or red light.

Other drivers often honk horns.

Parking inappropriately, hitting curbs.

Scrapes or dents on the car, mailbox or garage; ticketed moving violations or warnings, car accident.

Failure to notice important activity on the side of the road, failure to notice traffic signs.

Driving at inappropriate speeds.

Uses a "copilot."

Bad judgment on making left hand turns, trouble navigating turns.

Near misses, delayed response to unexpected situations, not anticipating potential dangerous situations.

Moving into wrong lane, difficulty maintaining lane position.

Confusion at exits, stopping in traffic for no apparent reason, getting lost in familiar places.

Confusing the gas and brake pedals.

Source: The Hartford Insurance Company

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