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Mangar Floor Lifts on MediCast

November 12, 2014

On a recent episode of the popular podcast, The MediCast.

The Mangar floor lift systems, the Elk and Camel, were selected as one of the "product innovator picks" at the EMS Today convention.

They were selected by the podcast’s team because they were one of the most cutting-edge and interesting products at the convention.

Even if you are not in the EMS or first responder community, this a fantastic introduction into Mangar’s physical and financial solution.

Mangar’s Sales Director Roger Brereton spoke with The MediCast’s host Jamie Davis and EMS Garage’s host Chris Montera:




Some of the highlights from their interview:

  • An Elk or Camel Lift is assigned to each rapid response unit of the approximately 5,000 Rapid Response Units in the London Ambulance Service.

  • Ambulance Victoria in Victoria, Australia installed an Elk into every ambulance in their fleet. After having completed a 2 year study, Ambulance Victoria found that the highest musculoskeletal injuries had come from lifting patients from floor level to trolley or gurney height.

  • Chris Montera follows up that the typical back injury can cost an ambulance service anywhere from $50,0000-$100,000.


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