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Collapsible Water Dam Install: Square Corners

November 06, 2014

The installation of the Collapsible Water Dam in a tile or manufactured shower pan with square corners is very similar to the process for the modular shower (below).

The Collapsible Water Dam fits both the above styles in acrylic, gelcoat, vikrel, solid surface, and cultured marble.


Before You Begin

When installing the Water Dam you need to have the proper end caps. For a square corned shower, the horizontal or square end caps are necessary. The square end caps will provide a proper and snug fit against the side of the shower’s wall. This square end cap along with a weighted shower curtain, will create a lasting and effective water seal.

Make sure you have the proper length Collapsible Water Dam. For installation an additional 6” is typically required (3” on either side) from the opening’s width.

Determine the location for the retaining dam to be installed. Double check that you have both the proper surface as well as length of water dam to ensure a successful installation.

Tools and Materials needed: utility knife, tape measure, straight edge, clear or white 100% silicone adhesive caulk, masking tape, rubbing alcohol, bucket of water and clean rags.


Installation Process:

1. Clean the shower’s threshold thoroughly. Ensure that all of the soap scum and shower debris has been removed with a standard bath cleaner. After the bath cleaner, chemically clean the intended area’s surface with rubbing alcohol.

2. Dry Fit: measure the required length. Be sure to include the length of the dam’s end caps in the overall measurement.

3. Measure and make the center point of the shower

4. Determine and measure the center point of the water dam.

6. Turn the water dam over, and cut the orange peel off strip at its halfway mark. Then, peel back a portion (4” roughly) of the orange peel off strip in one direction exposing its adhesive.

7. Line up the water dam’s strip with the pre-marked half way point of the shower.

8. Press down and adhere the 4” section of the strip

9. Pull and stretch the water dam, lining it up properly. Remove the remainder of the orange peel off strip when ready.

10. Press the Collapsible Water Dam into place

11. Peel, stretch, align, and pull the remaining half to the wall. Press the dam firmly into place.

12. Dry fit the Water Dam’s end caps to ensure a proper fit. The Collapsible Water Dam may be trimmed if required after stretching and adhering the dam).

13. Once a proper fit is verified, prepare to apply the silicon caulk to the dam.

14. Apply the silicone adhesive caulk to the floor, side wall, and male insert end of the end cap. Push in the male end of the end cap into the water dam.

15. Wipe clean with rubbing alcohol.

16. Allow 12 hours for the adhesive to fully set


Special Instructions for Grout Line Joints:

The grout joints or entire outer edge beneath the retainer must have additional caulk added to prevent soap and shower debris from lodging beat the Collapsible Water Dam. The dam’s adhesive does not fully cover the bottom of the dam to allow it to absorb the weight of a rolling chair (collapsing). Be sure to wipe off any excess caulk and let dry before using the shower.

The Collapsible Water Dam will provide a long term and easy to clean solution for your adapted shower needs.

How to install a Collapsible Water Dam in a shower with Round Corners.  

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